Pinealope Animal Rescue 

Where every life counts

"The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants"
                  - Johnny Depp

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Volunteer Opportunity
What is there for a volunteer to do?
Dog walking, training, grooming and of course just playing with them.

While we are foster home based we have some foster fomes that house multiple dogs.  In housing multiple dogs there is always help needed in Cleaning. This includes outside dog areas, crates/dishes, dog beds, etc.

Lastly there are our events. From planning and set up,  to tear down and everthing in between.  There is always lott to do when it comes to our events.
Foster Opportunity
What does fostering a dog involve?
When you foster, you agree to take a homeless dog into your home & give him/her love, care & attention, either for a predetermined period of time or until the dog is adopted.

Why do we need foster homes?
We do not have a physical shelter and depend on foster homes  to care for dogs until suitable homes are found.

Why should I foster a dog?
Fostering a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have (other than adopting, of course). By taking an animal in need temporarily into your home you’re:
  • freeing up a spot so the we can take in another dog.
  • giving your foster dog the time he/she needs to be ready for adoption.
  • helping our rescue learn more about the dog so he/she can end up in the best home possible.

What does it cost to foster?
NOTHING.    We cover all expenses including food and provide any  and all supplies needed.